If you are interested in exporting your AviSys records to eBird, one big problem is that the CSV exports that AviSys does do not include the text of your AviSys Field Notes.

I have created a standalone program, named SightingsTOcsv.exe, that dumps all of your AviSys data, and includes Field Note text with the Comments.

How to use:

Download the file SightingsTOcsv.exe to your AviSys data folder. Open a Powershell window or command window in that folder. Enter the command .\SightingsTOcsv ebird. It will create two files, one named AviSys.sightings.eBird.csv and one named FieldNotes.txt.

The file FieldNotes.txt just includes the contents of all your field notes, without the rest of the data. I have found that this makes interesting browsing.

The file AviSys.sightings.eBird.csv contains all of your sightings, sorted by date, and is in a format almost ready for import to eBird. There are just a few things that you need to do with it first.

If you want the CSV file to be in a format like the normal AviSys export, rather than in eBird format, just enter the command as .\SightingsTOcsv without the ebird parameter.

The program code can be found at