Possible exceptions in AviSys taxonomy update for 2016

If you have sightings of a species whose name no longer exists in the updated taxonomy, AviSys will report that as an exception. For each exception, you will need to figure out what the corresponding new name is, and manually update your AviSys data accordingly before the update will run to completion. Exceptions are reported in a file named UPDEXCEP.TXT, and suggestions for how to deal with exceptions are provided in that file. Read these suggestions carefully.

Here is a summary of exceptions that AviSys could report in the UPDEXCEP.TXT file for an upgrade from the 2014 taxonomy to 2016. AviSys will report an exception only for species for which you actually have sightings, so your UPDEXCEP.TXT file will surely have fewer exceptions than are listed here. Note that hardly any of the exceptions involve ABA-area species. If you are upgrading from a taxonomy level before 2014 you will likely have additional exceptions not shown here.

I am not providing the PDF files that AviSys mentions; the relevant information is in this web page. You can find more details on many of the changes on pages on the Clements website: for 2016, for 2015, and for earlier years. My authority for this update, however, is the Clements Checklist v2016 spreadsheet which includes additional changes that are not described in the web pages.

Simple name changes

These are listed separately under simple name changes.


In this table, "old name" is a name that was in the 2014 taxonomy but has disappeared from the 2016 taxonomy due to a lump. An entry in the "new name" column means that the lump resulted in a new species. An entry in the "lump target" column means that the species was lumped into an existing species.

Old nameNew nameLump target
Vietnam PartridgeScaly-breasted Partridge
Caribbean CootAmerican Coot
Forest DoveLemon Dove
Australian KoelPacific Koel
Kai CoucalPheasant Coucal
Barbary FalconPeregrine Falcon
Port Lincoln ParrotAustralian Ringneck
Mallee RingneckAustralian Ringneck
Sulu PittaBlue-breasted Pitta
Talaud PittaBlue-breasted Pitta (Talaud)
Buru PittaSouth Moluccan Pitta
Seram PittaSouth Moluccan Pitta
Habenicht's PittaPapuan Pitta
D'Entrecasteaux PittaPapuan Pitta
Roosevelt AntwrenMadeira Antwren (Roosevelt)
Sucunduri FlycatcherYellow-margined Flycatcher (Sucunduri)
Sanford's BowerbirdArchbold's Bowerbird
Campina JayAzure-naped Jay (Campina)
Inambari GnatcatcherGuianan Gnatcatcher (Inambari)


There are two tables of splits. The first table lists splits where the species that was split no longer exists, and thus any sightings of it will be reported by AviSys as an exception.

Old nameNew name
OstrichCommon Ostrich
OstrichSomali Ostrich
Gray-necked Wood-RailRusset-naped Wood-Rail
Gray-necked Wood-RailGray-cowled Wood-Rail
Purple SwamphenWestern Swamphen
Purple SwamphenBlack-backed Swamphen
Purple SwamphenAfrican Swamphen
TakaheSouth Island Takahe
Purple SwamphenAustralasian Swamphen
Purple SwamphenPhilippine Swamphen
Purple SwamphenGray-headed Swamphen
Dusky WoodcockJavan Woodcock
Dusky WoodcockNew Guinea Woodcock
Dusky Cuckoo-DoveFlores Sea Cuckoo-Dove
Dusky Cuckoo-DoveTimor Cuckoo-Dove
Dusky Cuckoo-DoveTanimbar Cuckoo-Dove
Slender-billed Cuckoo-DoveAmboyna Cuckoo-Dove
Slender-billed Cuckoo-DoveSultan's Cuckoo-Dove
Emerald DoveAsian Emerald Dove
Emerald DovePacific Emerald Dove
Dark-eared DoveMindanao Brown-Dove
Dark-eared DoveTawitawi Brown-Dove
YellowbillBlue Malkoha
YellowbillGreen Malkoha
Green VioletearMexican Violetear
Green VioletearLesser Violetear
BlossomcrownSanta Marta Blossomcrown
BlossomcrownTolima Blossomcrown
PlovercrestPurple-crowned Plovercrest
PlovercrestGreen-crowned Plovercrest
Blue-crowned MotmotBlue-capped Motmot
Blue-crowned MotmotLesson's Motmot
Variable Dwarf-KingfisherDimorphic Dwarf-Kingfisher
Variable Dwarf-KingfisherSula Dwarf-Kingfisher
Variable Dwarf-KingfisherNorth Moluccan Dwarf-Kingfisher
Variable Dwarf-KingfisherSeram Dwarf-Kingfisher
Variable Dwarf-KingfisherBuru Dwarf-Kingfisher
Variable Dwarf-KingfisherPapuan Dwarf-Kingfisher
Variable Dwarf-KingfisherManus Dwarf-Kingfisher
Variable Dwarf-KingfisherNew Ireland Dwarf-Kingfisher
Variable Dwarf-KingfisherNew Britain Dwarf-Kingfisher
Variable Dwarf-KingfisherBougainville Dwarf-Kingfisher
Variable Dwarf-KingfisherNew Georgia Dwarf-Kingfisher
Variable Dwarf-KingfisherNorth Solomons Dwarf-Kingfisher
Variable Dwarf-KingfisherMalaita Dwarf-Kingfisher
Variable Dwarf-KingfisherGuadalcanal Dwarf-Kingfisher
Variable Dwarf-KingfisherMakira Dwarf-Kingfisher
Micronesian KingfisherPalau Kingfisher
Micronesian KingfisherGuam Kingfisher
Micronesian KingfisherPohnpei Kingfisher
Tuamotu KingfisherNiau Kingfisher
BluebonnetGreater Bluebonnet
BluebonnetNaretha Bluebonnet
Stipple-throated AntwrenFulvous-throated Antwren
Stipple-throated AntwrenRufous-backed Antwren
Stipple-throated AntwrenMadeira Antwren
Lineated WoodcreeperDuida Woodcreeper
Lineated WoodcreeperGuianan Woodcreeper
Lineated WoodcreeperRondonia Woodcreeper
Lineated WoodcreeperLayard's Woodcreeper
KokakoNorth Island Kokako
SaddlebackNorth Island Saddleback
SaddlebackSouth Island Saddleback
Asian Paradise-FlycatcherAmur Paradise-Flycatcher
Asian Paradise-FlycatcherBlyth's Paradise-Flycatcher
Asian Paradise-FlycatcherIndian Paradise-Flycatcher
Blue-crested FlycatcherAzure-crested Flycatcher
Blue-crested FlycatcherChestnut-throated Flycatcher
Western Scrub-JayCalifornia Scrub-Jay
Western Scrub-JayWoodhouse's Scrub-Jay
Plain WrenCabanis's Wren
Plain WrenCanebrake Wren
Plain WrenIsthmian Wren
Plain-backed ThrushAlpine Thrush
Plain-backed ThrushHimalayan Thrush
Plain-backed ThrushSichuan Thrush
Bay-winged CowbirdGrayish Baywing
Bay-winged CowbirdPale Baywing
NukupuuKauai Nukupuu
NukupuuMaui Nukupuu
AkepaHawaii Akepa
AkepaMaui Akepa

This second table lists splits where one of the split species retains the original name. Thus, because the name still exists, AviSys will not flag your sightings of that species as an exception; however you will want to review your records to see if you need to transfer some sightings to one of the new species.

New nameSplit or elevated from
Hainan Peacock-PheasantGray Peacock-Pheasant (Hainan)
Taiwan Bamboo-PartridgeChinese Bamboo-Partridge
Gray-faced PetrelGreat-winged Petrel
Newell's ShearwaterTownsend's Shearwater
Rapa ShearwaterTownsend's Shearwater
Townsend's Storm-PetrelLeach's Storm-Petrel (Townsend's)
Ainley's Storm-PetrelLeach's Storm-Petrel (Ainley's)
Sao Tome IbisOlive Ibis (Sao Tome)
Himalayan BuzzardCommon Buzzard (Himalayan)
Eastern BuzzardCommon Buzzard (japonicus)
Forest BuzzardMountain Buzzard (Forest)
Enggano Cuckoo-DoveRuddy Cuckoo-Dove
Barusan Cuckoo-DoveRuddy Cuckoo-Dove
Sula Cuckoo-DoveWhite-faced Cuckoo-Dove
Purple-capped Fruit-DoveCrimson-crowned Fruit-Dove
Kosrae Fruit-DoveCrimson-crowned Fruit-Dove
Pacific KoelAsian Koel (Pacific)
Dark Hawk-CuckooLarge Hawk-Cuckoo (Dark)
Tschudi's NightjarBand-winged Nightjar (Tschudi's)
Bornean SwiftletCave Swiftlet (Bornean)
Mexican HermitLong-billed Hermit
Inagua WoodstarBahama Woodstar
Pacific KingfisherCollared Kingfisher
Colonist KingfisherCollared Kingfisher
Torresian KingfisherCollared Kingfisher
Mariana KingfisherCollared Kingfisher
Melanesian KingfisherCollared Kingfisher
Rock KestrelEurasian Kestrel (Rock)
Riparian AntbirdBlackish Antbird (Riparian)
Ceara GnateaterRufous Gnateater (Ceara)
Ayacucho ThistletailVilcabamba Thistletail (Ayacucho)
Coiba SpinetailRusty-backed Spinetail (Coiba)
Coopmans's ElaeniaLesser Elaenia
Ochre-breasted CatbirdWhite-eared Catbird
Tan-capped CatbirdWhite-eared Catbird
Huon CatbirdSpotted Catbird
Black-capped CatbirdSpotted Catbird
Northern CatbirdSpotted Catbird
Arfak CatbirdSpotted Catbird
Black-eared CatbirdSpotted Catbird
Pilbara GrasswrenStriated Grasswren
Sandhill GrasswrenStriated Grasswren
Rusty GrasswrenStriated Grasswren
Western GrasswrenThick-billed Grasswren
Gilbert's HoneyeaterWhite-naped Honeyeater
Copperback Quail-thrushChestnut Quail-thrush
Baliem WhistlerGolden Whistler (Balim Valley)
Western WhistlerGolden Whistler
Papuan Scrub-RobinNorthern Scrub-Robin
Syke's Short-toed LarkGreater Short-toed Lark
Asian Short-toed LarkLesser Short-toed Lark
Maghreb LarkCrested Lark (Maghreb)
Chestnut-bellied TitVaried Tit (Chestnut-bellied)
Iriomote TitVaried Tit (Iriomote)
Owston's TitVaried Tit
Santa Marta Wood-WrenGray-breasted Wood-Wren (anachoreta)
Moltoni's WarblerSubalpine Warbler (moltonii)
Bundok FlycatcherSnowy-browed Flycatcher
White's ThrushScaly Thrush
Nilgiri ThrushScaly Thrush
Sri Lanka ThrushScaly Thrush
Chinese BlackbirdEurasian Blackbird
Costa Rican WarblerThree-striped Warbler (Costa Rican)
Tacarcuna WarblerThree-striped Warbler (Tacarcuna)