Simple names changes from 2014 to 2016

If you are upgrading from the 2014 taxonomy to 2016, you will have these simple one-to-one name changes. If you are upgrading from a different year, your set of simple renames will be different. All name changes of species that you have not seen are handled completely automatically. However, for species for which you have sightings, you sometimes have to make the changes manually.

First, here is a set of 149 name changes that AviSys will make for you automatically, regardless of whether you have sightings. You don't have to do anything about these changes, they are simply listed here for your information.

Old nameNew name
Australian Brush-TurkeyAustralian Brushturkey
Wattled Brush-TurkeyWattled Brushturkey
Bruijn's Brush-TurkeyWaigeo Brushturkey
Red-billed Brush-TurkeyRed-billed Brushturkey
Black-billed Brush-TurkeyYellow-legged Brushturkey
Brown-collared Brush-TurkeyRed-legged Brushturkey
Rockhopper PenguinSouthern Rockhopper Penguin
Tristan PenguinMoseley's Rockhopper Penguin
Levantine ShearwaterYelkouan Shearwater
Rough-faced ShagNew Zealand King Shag
Bronze ShagStewart Island Shag
WaldrappNorthern Bald Ibis
Bald IbisSouthern Bald Ibis
Rueppell's GriffonRüppell's Griffon
Short-toed EagleShort-toed Snake-Eagle
Rueppell's BustardRüppell's Bustard
Sunda LapwingJavan Lapwing
Andean SnipeJameson's Snipe
Fairy TernAustralian Fairy Tern
White-eared DoveWhite-eared Brown-Dove
Amethyst DoveAmethyst Brown-Dove
Pinon Imperial-PigeonPinon's Imperial-Pigeon
New Caledonian Owlet-NightjarNew Caledonian Owlet-nightjar
Feline Owlet-NightjarFeline Owlet-nightjar
Starry Owlet-NightjarStarry Owlet-nightjar
Wallace's Owlet-NightjarWallace's Owlet-nightjar
Archbold's Owlet-NightjarArchbold's Owlet-nightjar
Mountain Owlet-NightjarMountain Owlet-nightjar
Moluccan Owlet-NightjarMoluccan Owlet-nightjar
Australian Owlet-NightjarAustralian Owlet-nightjar
Vogelkop Owlet-NightjarVogelkop Owlet-nightjar
Barred Owlet-NightjarBarred Owlet-nightjar
Philippine NeedletailPhilippine Spinetailed Swift
Papuan NeedletailPapuan Spinetailed Swift
Papuan SwiftletThree-toed Swiftlet
Black Scimitar-billBlack Scimitarbill
Common Scimitar-billCommon Scimitarbill
Abyssinian Scimitar-billAbyssinian Scimitarbill
Western PuffbirdWestern Striolated-Puffbird
Striolated PuffbirdEastern Striolated-Puffbird
Black-mandibled ToucanYellow-throated Toucan
Red-fronted ParakeetRed-crowned Parakeet
Yellow-fronted ParakeetYellow-crowned Parakeet
Rueppell's ParrotRüppell's Parrot
Moluccan PittaNorth Moluccan Pitta
Makira MelidectesMakira Honeyeater
Mountain GerygoneGray Thornbill
New Guinea BabblerPapuan Babbler
Northern LogrunnerPapuan Logrunner
Lemon-breasted BerrypeckerMid-mountain Berrypecker
Australasian MagpieAustralian Magpie
Rufous Shrike-ThrushLittle Shrikethrush
Sooty Shrike-ThrushSooty Shrikethrush
Sandstone Shrike-ThrushSandstone Shrikethrush
Gray Shrike-ThrushGray Shrikethrush
Bower's Shrike-ThrushBower's Shrikethrush
Mottled WhistlerMottled Berryhunter
Black MonarchFantailed Monarch
Black-backed MonarchKofiau Monarch
Kulambangra MonarchKolombangra Monarch
Rufous-collared MonarchOchre-collared Monarch
Alpine RobinSubalpine Robin
Sky LarkEurasian Skylark
Krueper's NuthatchKrüper's Nuthatch
Laura's Wood-WarblerLaura's Woodland-Warbler
Yellow-throated Wood-WarblerYellow-throated Woodland-Warbler
Uganda Wood-WarblerUganda Woodland-Warbler
Sulawesi Leaf-WarblerSulawesi Leaf Warbler
Timor Leaf-WarblerTimor Leaf Warbler
Island Leaf-WarblerIsland Leaf Warbler
Philippine Leaf-WarblerPhilippine Leaf Warbler
Kulambangra Leaf-WarblerKolombangra Leaf Warbler
Black-necked CisticolaBlack-backed Cisticola
BlackcapEurasian Blackcap
Red Sea WarblerArabian Warbler
Rueppell's WarblerRüppell's Warbler
White-throated White-eyeTagula White-eye
Kulambangra White-eyeKolombangra White-eye
Gray White-eyeGray-brown White-eye
Rueppell's Robin-ChatRüppell's Robin-Chat
Rueppell's ChatRüppell's Chat
White-tailed WheatearWhite-crowned Wheatear
Olive-tailed ThrushBassian Thrush
Black-bellied Glossy-StarlingBlack-bellied Starling
Purple-headed Glossy-StarlingPurple-headed Starling
Copper-tailed Glossy-StarlingCopper-tailed Starling
Burchell's Glossy-StarlingBurchell's Starling
Rueppell's Glossy-StarlingRüppell's Starling
Long-tailed Glossy-StarlingLong-tailed Glossy Starling
Meves's Glossy-StarlingMeves's Starling
Splendid Glossy-StarlingSplendid Starling
Principe Glossy-StarlingPrincipe Starling
Lesser Blue-eared Glossy-StarlingLesser Blue-eared Starling
Sharp-tailed Glossy-StarlingSharp-tailed Starling
Greater Blue-eared Glossy-StarlingGreater Blue-eared Starling
Purple Glossy-StarlingPurple Starling
Cape Glossy-StarlingCape Starling
Bronze-tailed Glossy-StarlingBronze-tailed Starling
Oriental PipitPaddyfield Pipit
Przevalski's RosefinchPrzevalski's Pinktail
Rufous-bellied SaltatorRufous-bellied Mountain-Tanager
Costa Rican Brush-FinchCosta Rican Brushfinch
Sierra Nevada Brush-FinchSierra Nevada Brushfinch
Perija Brush-FinchPerija Brushfinch
Black-headed Brush-FinchBlack-headed Brushfinch
Caracas Brush-FinchCaracas Brushfinch
Paria Brush-FinchParia Brushfinch
Gray-browed Brush-FinchGray-browed Brushfinch
White-browed Brush-FinchWhite-browed Brushfinch
Green-striped Brush-FinchGreen-striped Brushfinch
Chestnut-capped Brush-FinchChestnut-capped Brushfinch
Rufous-capped Brush-FinchRufous-capped Brushfinch
White-naped Brush-FinchWhite-naped Brushfinch
Moustached Brush-FinchMoustached Brushfinch
Tepui Brush-FinchTepui Brushfinch
Santa Marta Brush-FinchSanta Marta Brushfinch
Ochre-breasted Brush-FinchOchre-breasted Brushfinch
Yellow-headed Brush-FinchYellow-headed Brushfinch
Dusky-headed Brush-FinchDusky-headed Brushfinch
White-rimmed Brush-FinchWhite-rimmed Brushfinch
White-headed Brush-FinchWhite-headed Brushfinch
Rufous-eared Brush-FinchRufous-eared Brushfinch
Tricolored Brush-FinchTricolored Brushfinch
Slaty Brush-FinchSlaty Brushfinch
Pale-naped Brush-FinchPale-naped Brushfinch
Antioquia Brush-FinchAntioquia Brushfinch
Yellow-breasted Brush-FinchYellow-breasted Brushfinch
White-winged Brush-FinchWhite-winged Brushfinch
Pale-headed Brush-FinchPale-headed Brushfinch
Bay-crowned Brush-FinchBay-crowned Brushfinch
Rusty-bellied Brush-FinchRusty-bellied Brushfinch
Apurimac Brush-FinchApurimac Brushfinch
Black-spectacled Brush-FinchBlack-spectacled Brushfinch
Vilcabamba Brush-FinchVilcabamba Brushfinch
Cuzco Brush-FinchCuzco Brushfinch
Black-faced Brush-FinchBlack-faced Brushfinch
Bolivian Brush-FinchBolivian Brushfinch
Fulvous-headed Brush-FinchFulvous-headed Brushfinch
Yellow-striped Brush-FinchYellow-striped Brushfinch
Red-breasted BlackbirdRed-breasted Meadowlark
White-browed BlackbirdWhite-browed Meadowlark
Band-tailed OropendolaBand-tailed Cacique
Casqued OropendolaCasqued Cacique
Tawny-headed Mountain-FinchSillem's Rosefinch
Abd' Al Kuri SparrowAbd al Kuri Sparrow
Rueppell's WeaverRüppell's Weaver
Yellow-shouldered WidowbirdYellow-mantled Widowbird
Fernando Po SpeiropsBioko Speirops
Fernando Po OlivebackShelley's Oliveback

Unfortunately, Jerry didn't anticipate just how many name changes there might sometimes be, and he set a limit of 149 on the number of changes that AviSys can do automatically. In the present update there are more than 149 renames, so if you have sightings of any of the species listed below, they will be reported in your UPDEXCEP.TXT file and you will need to rename them manually.

Old nameNew name
Chestnut-bellied KingfisherVanuatu Kingfisher
Mangaia KingfisherMewing Kingfisher
Tahiti KingfisherSociety Kingfisher
Red-throated MyzomelaRuby-throated Myzomela
Black MyzomelaPapuan Black Myzomela
Mountain MyzomelaElfin Myzomela
Scarlet-bibbed MyzomelaSclater's Myzomela
Ebony MyzomelaBismarck Black Myzomela
New Hebrides HoneyeaterVanuatu Honeyeater
Olive-streaked HoneyeaterYellow-streaked Honeyeater
Black-backed HoneyeaterGray-streaked Honeyeater
Fernando Po BatisBioko Batis
Somali BoubouCoastal Boubou
Crested PitohuiPiping Bellbird
Tepui GreenletTepui Vireo
Canary FlycatcherPapuan Flycatcher
White-winged TitWhite-naped Tit
Philippine TailorbirdVisayan Tailorbird
Rufous-throated White-eyeMadanga

Finally, pay special attention to these tricky pairs of name changes, where Clements renamed one species, and then reused the old name for a different species. Again, this only affects you if you have sightings of any of these species.

Old English name Scientific nameNew English name
Crowned EagleButeogallus coronatusChaco Eagle
Crowned Hawk-EagleStephanoaetus coronatusCrowned Eagle
 Note: This is a DIFFERENT Crowned Eagle!
Papuan BoobookUroglaux dimorphaPapuan Owl
Jungle BoobookNinox theomachaPapuan Boobook
 Note: This is a DIFFERENT Papuan Boobook!
Black-crowned PittaErythropitta venustaGraceful Pitta
Black-headed PittaErythropitta ussheriBlack-crowned Pitta
 Note: This is a DIFFERENT Black-crowned Pitta!
Red-keeled FlowerpeckerDicaeum haematostictumBlack-belted Flowerpecker
Red-striped FlowerpeckerDicaeum australeRed-keeled Flowerpecker
 Note: This is a DIFFERENT Red-keeled Flowerpecker!