Differences between 2019 advance and final releases

The main difference is inclusion of subspecies data.

Errors corrected

The first two errors were mine; the third was Cornell's.

  1. Tristan Moorhen is extinct, so is removed, reducing the world species count by 1.
  2. The species Eastern Mountain-Greenbul was renamed Eastern Mountain Greenbul, but actually only the subspecies kikuyuensis, nigriceps, and usambarae should have been renamed. The other subspecies are split or lumped into various other species.
  3. Western Square-tailed Drongo was incorrectly placed in Rhipiduridae but is now in Dicruridae where it belongs.

Also, I have been strict about adhering to records committee/ABA decisions about inclusion of species on state lists and hence the N.A. list, but I decided to proactively add Stejneger's Scoter to the Alaska list, since eventual acceptance should be pro-forma. This increases the N.A. mode species count by 1.