Simple name changes from 2016 to 2017

If you are upgrading from the 2016 taxonomy to 2017, you will have only these simple one-to-one name changes that don't involve a split or lump. If you are upgrading from an earlier year, your set of simple renames will be larger

This list is just for your information; you don't have to do anything about these changes. AviSys will make them for you automatically.

Old nameNew name
Eurasian CapercaillieWestern Capercaillie
Jackass PenguinAfrican Penguin
Ascension Island FrigatebirdAscension Frigatebird
LammergeierBearded Vulture
Ovampo SparrowhawkOvambo Sparrowhawk
Black-tailed Native-henBlack-tailed Nativehen
Tasmanian Native-henTasmanian Nativehen
Crab PloverCrab-Plover
Friendly Ground-DoveShy Ground-Dove
Sjostedt's OwletSjöstedt's Owlet
Boehm's Bee-eaterBöhm's Bee-eater
Luehder's BushshrikeLühder's Bushshrike
Fuelleborn's BoubouFülleborn's Boubou
Mt. Kupe BushshrikeMount Kupe Bushshrike
Syke's Short-toed LarkSykes's Short-toed Lark
Thekla LarkThekla's Lark
African Blue-FlycatcherAfrican Blue Flycatcher
White-tailed Blue-FlycatcherWhite-tailed Blue Flycatcher
Rock NuthatchWestern Rock Nuthatch
Persian NuthatchEastern Rock Nuthatch
Santa Marta Wood-WrenHermit Wood-Wren
Sjostedt's GreenbulSjöstedt's Greenbul
Pale-footed Bush-WarblerPale-footed Bush Warbler
Chestnut-crowned Bush-WarblerChestnut-crowned Bush Warbler
Gray-sided Bush-WarblerGray-sided Bush Warbler
Philippine Bush-WarblerPhilippine Bush Warbler
Japanese Bush-WarblerJapanese Bush Warbler
Manchurian Bush-WarblerManchurian Bush Warbler
Palau Bush-WarblerPalau Bush Warbler
Tanimbar Bush-WarblerTanimbar Bush Warbler
Fiji Bush-WarblerFiji Bush Warbler
Brownish-flanked Bush-WarblerBrownish-flanked Bush Warbler
Hume's Bush-WarblerHume's Bush Warbler
Yellowish-bellied Bush-WarblerYellowish-bellied Bush Warbler
Sunda Bush-WarblerSunda Bush Warbler
Aberrant Bush-WarblerAberrant Bush Warbler
Western Crowned Leaf WarblerWestern Crowned Warbler
Eastern Crowned Leaf WarblerEastern Crowned Warbler
Lemon-throated WarblerLemon-throated Leaf Warbler
Mountain WarblerMountain Leaf Warbler
Black-browed Reed-WarblerBlack-browed Reed Warbler
Streaked Reed-WarblerStreaked Reed Warbler
Manchurian Reed-WarblerManchurian Reed Warbler
Blyth's Reed-WarblerBlyth's Reed Warbler
Large-billed Reed-WarblerLarge-billed Reed Warbler
Eurasian Reed-WarblerEurasian Reed Warbler
African Reed-WarblerAfrican Reed Warbler
Basra Reed-WarblerBasra Reed Warbler
Lesser Swamp-WarblerLesser Swamp Warbler
Greater Swamp-WarblerGreater Swamp Warbler
Cape Verde Swamp-WarblerCape Verde Swamp Warbler
Madagascar Swamp-WarblerMadagascar Swamp Warbler
Great Reed-WarblerGreat Reed Warbler
Oriental Reed-WarblerOriental Reed Warbler
Clamorous Reed-WarblerClamorous Reed Warbler
Saipan Reed-WarblerSaipan Reed Warbler
Australian Reed-WarblerAustralian Reed Warbler
Caroline Reed-WarblerCaroline Reed Warbler
Kiritimati Reed-WarblerKiritimati Reed Warbler
Southern Marquesan Reed-WarblerSouthern Marquesan Reed Warbler
Nauru Reed-WarblerNauru Reed Warbler
Pitcairn Reed-WarblerPitcairn Reed Warbler
Henderson Island Reed-WarblerHenderson Island Reed Warbler
Cook Islands Reed-WarblerCook Islands Reed Warbler
Rimitara Reed-WarblerRimitara Reed Warbler
Society Islands Reed-WarblerSociety Islands Reed Warbler
Tahiti Reed-WarblerTahiti Reed Warbler
Moorea Reed-WarblerMoorea Reed Warbler
Northern Marquesan Reed-WarblerNorthern Marquesan Reed Warbler
Tuamotu Reed-WarblerTuamotu Reed Warbler
Brown Emu-tailBrown Emutail
Grauer's Swamp-WarblerGrauer's Swamp Warbler
Dja River Swamp-WarblerDja River Swamp Warbler
White-winged Swamp-WarblerWhite-winged Swamp Warbler
Brown Bush-WarblerBrown Bush Warbler
Chinese Bush-WarblerChinese Bush Warbler
Long-billed Bush-WarblerLong-billed Bush Warbler
Long-tailed Bush-WarblerLong-tailed Bush Warbler
Chestnut-backed Bush-WarblerChestnut-backed Bush Warbler
Baikal Bush-WarblerBaikal Bush Warbler
West Himalayan Bush-WarblerWest Himalayan Bush Warbler
Spotted Bush-WarblerSpotted Bush Warbler
Taiwan Bush-WarblerTaiwan Bush Warbler
Friendly Bush-WarblerFriendly Bush Warbler
Russet Bush-WarblerRusset Bush Warbler
Sichuan Bush-WarblerSichuan Bush Warbler
Benguet Bush-WarblerBenguet Bush Warbler
Javan Bush-WarblerJavan Bush Warbler
Timor Bush-WarblerTimor Bush Warbler
Sri Lanka Bush-WarblerSri Lanka Bush Warbler
Gray Emu-tailGray Emutail
Gray-chested IlladopsisGray-chested Babbler
Boehm's FlycatcherBöhm's Flycatcher
Nilgiri ShortwingNilgiri Blue Robin
White-bellied ShortwingWhite-bellied Blue Robin
Timor Blue-FlycatcherTimor Blue Flycatcher
Rueck's Blue-FlycatcherRück's Blue Flycatcher
Hainan Blue-FlycatcherHainan Blue Flycatcher
White-bellied Blue-FlycatcherWhite-bellied Blue Flycatcher
Pale-chinned Blue-FlycatcherPale-chinned Blue Flycatcher
Pale Blue-FlycatcherPale Blue Flycatcher
Large Blue-FlycatcherLarge Blue Flycatcher
Hill Blue-FlycatcherHill Blue Flycatcher
Long-billed Blue-FlycatcherSunda Blue Flycatcher
Malaysian Blue-FlycatcherMalaysian Blue Flycatcher
Palawan Blue-FlycatcherPalawan Blue Flycatcher
Bornean Blue-FlycatcherBornean Blue Flycatcher
Tickell's Blue-FlycatcherTickell's Blue Flycatcher
Mangrove Blue-FlycatcherMangrove Blue Flycatcher
Sulawesi Blue-FlycatcherSulawesi Blue Flycatcher
Island FlycatcherTurquoise Flycatcher
Chestnut-winged Whistling-ThrushSumatran Whistling-Thrush
Pygmy Blue-FlycatcherPygmy Flycatcher
Russet-tailed FlycatcherCryptic Flycatcher
Le Conte's ThrasherLeConte's Thrasher
Fuelleborn's LongclawFülleborn's Longclaw
Le Conte's SparrowLeConte's Sparrow
Gray-hooded BuntingGray-necked Bunting
Abyssinian SiskinEthiopian Siskin
Shelley's Crimson-wingShelley's Crimsonwing
Dusky Crimson-wingDusky Crimsonwing
Abyssinian Crimson-wingAbyssinian Crimsonwing
Red-faced Crimson-wingRed-faced Crimsonwing