If you already installed the original 2017 update

When I published the AviSys update for Clements 2017 taxonomy, the ABA had not yet updated their checklist to include the major changes due to the addition of Hawaii. They have now published version 8.0.1 of the ABA checklist, so I am publishing a revision of the 2017 update to incorporate their changes.

The revised update is a complete update. If you have not already installed the 2017 update just install the revised update; you do not need to install the original update first.

If you have already installed the original 2017 update, you may wonder if you really need to install the revised update. Here's the breakdown.

You have not yet installed the 2017 update at all.
Just install the revised update.
You installed the original 2017 update, and are not much interested in the ABA list.
Just ignore the revision; don't do anything. Stop reading now. You should have 10441 species in World mode.
You installed the original 2017 update, and you want the ABA updates.
Install the revised update.

Here's a distillation of the install steps if you previously installed the original 2017 update.

  1. Re-read the update documentation. There are a few revisions, particularly regarding the number of species.
  2. Download the update file and unzip it.
  3. From the “For Data Folder” folder, copy only the file MASTER.UPD to your data folder.
  4. From the “For Main Folder” folder, copy only BANDCODE.AVI and BANDSEL.AVI to your main folder.
  5. All of the other files are identical to what you already have, so you can discard them.
  6. Backup any custom checklists (ones that you marked manually).
  7. Run "Update Master Checklist (from update file)". Unless you have made custom changes, you will have no exceptions.
  8. Remove and replace all of your checklists (if any).

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