The AviSys Year 2030 problem

Back in the 1990s, Jerry stretched the truth a bit when he said "AviSys has always been Year 2000 compliant". What he meant by that was that, although AviSys always uses 2-digit dates, it is understood that a year of 30 means the year 1930, 99 means 1999, 00 means 2000, 01 means 2001, and so on. There was no disruption at the year 2000. This will continue on up through the year 29 representing 2029. Unfortunately, in the next year the scheme wraps back around, and 30 again represents 1930, not 2030. So everyone needs to plan on one of two things by 2030.

  1. By 2030, migrate to another bird listing database, or
  2. Be prepared to accept having 2030 observations recorded as if they were from 100 years ago.