“Critter” files

Taxonomies for creating databases for taxonomic groups other than birds.

Installation steps:

  1. In AviSys, create a new empty dataset. Switch to the dataset to initialize it; at first it will contain a copy of the bird taxonomy. Then close AviSys.
  2. Download the file into the folder for the new dataset. Rename it as MASTER.UPD.
  3. Open AviSys and switch to the new dataset. Also switch to world mode.
  4. Under the Utilities menu, select Update Master Checklist (from update file) and follow the prompts. AviSys will shut down.
  5. When you restart AviSys and switch to the new data set, AviSys will do a couple more initializations and then the dataset will have the new taxonomy.
  6. In non-bird datasets, World Mode and N.A. mode are the same.

Here is a link to another page that references some other taxonomic data sets. I know nothing about these taxonomies beyond what is on this page, and I definitely do not provide any support for them: More taxonomies.