Named Stored Reports

You may have noticed when using Reports and Listings (List Recs), that the criteria dialogs for those functions have Load and Store buttons. An example is the Listing Criteria dialog, below.

When you have assembled the criteria for a report or listing, and have determined that the output is exactly what you need, you can click the Store button and store the criteria in a list of reports for future use. You will be asked to provide a descriptive name of up to 36 characters.

Later, when you want to repeat the report or listing, you click the Load button and select from the list (shown below) the report or listing you have stored away. The criteria, Date Range, Place, Checklist, Attributes, Key Words, First Sightings, etc., will be inserted in the dialog exactly as you had originally entered them.

In the cases of This Year and Last Year, the appropriate date ranges will be entered; so even if you had originally created the report in 2002, if you Load it in 2004 the date ranges entered will be 2004 and 2003.

This facility does not store the Print Options you used with the original report. You will have the opportunity to select the destination and typography appropriate for the current instance.

There are separate facilities for Reports and Sighting Record Listings (List Recs).