Transferring a copy of AviSys 6 from one computer to another

(Updated from older documentation by Jerry Blinn)

This is SO simple . . . Oh, as simple as 1 2 3 . . .

1. On your old computer, simply copy the AviSys base folder, typically C:\AVI6, to a media, such as a flash or external drive.

2. Then paste that folder to the C drive in the new computer. (NOT to Program Files or Program Files (x86))

3. Then, in C:\AVI6 on the new computer, make a shortcut to AVISYS60.EXE (Right-click | Send to | Desktop).

You will end up with EXACTLY what you had on the old computer; taxonomy and data, including multiple data sets.

After the transfer, do Utilities | Certify Data Set Quality and also check all your important lists.

Your Nation Checklists will be included if you had them before (in which case, repeat these instructions with the C:\BIRDS folder).

If you had not previously done so, then update to 6.00M from our web site --- do Help | About AviSys to confirm your current version.