Checking for AviSys Version 6.00M

In order to install the update, you must be on version 6.00M of AviSys. I have no knowledge of how the update might work on earlier versions. Jerry's documentation for his last update seemed to indicate that the update should work for AviSys 4.58D or 5.x, but that if you were on AviSys 6 it specifically needed to be 6.00M. I personally have no knowledge of what will happen on any version other than 6.00M. If you have any version of AviSys 6, the 6.00M update is available for download. (Note that this is an update and not a complete install; you must have some AviSys Version 6 installed in order to run the update.)

  • To check which version you have, click on “About AviSys 6” under "Help",
    Help menu

    You want to see “AviSys Version 6.00M”.

    About display