Taxonomy update for AviSys (2016)—Fix 1—News

You should do the entire update procedure for Fix 1, even if you installed the original update (it will go very easily for you). For the benefit of those who have installed the original update, here is what is new in Fix 1. Provided that you have a good backup, it should not be necessary to set up a dry run again.

  1. One taxonomy error is corrected. The two species of Melampitta have been removed from Paradisaeidae and split into a new family, Melampittidae, as they should have been in the first place.
  2. The state checklists have been updated. The lists are now more inclusive than they have been in the past because they are no longer based on records committee lists. This is regrettable but comes from the need to have a low-effort automatic way of obtaining the lists. If there are species on a list that you object to, you can remove them. How the checklists were created: I started with the last checklists provided by Jerry, in the 2014 update. These are grandfathered in, so that we don't lose species with only historical records. Then I merged in any additional species that eBird lists for the state as of Sept 25, 2016, as long as they are also on the ABA list. Investigation is underway on providing nation checklists created in a similar manner as the state checklists—stay tuned.
  3. Many of the simple name changes that don't involve a split or lump are now done automatically. (This doesn't affect those who have previously done the initial update; you already have the names changed.)
  4. Jump tables have been extensively updated. All jumps now work.
  5. N.A. band codes are updated, adjusting for new names. Every species has a code.
  6. There are three families whose English name is longer than the 36 characters allowed in AviSys. I have improved the way that these names are shortened to fit:
  7. The downloaded .EXE file is now built in a way that should work even for Windows XP users.

In other news, AviSys help files are now available online. Also, I have improved the summary of possible taxonomy exceptions.

I intend to be back with the 2017 update. My methodology has improved greatly over the few weeks that I have been working on this, and I feel prepared to turn out future updates very quickly, and without the need for fixes.

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