Record Confirmation

When you have entered the elements of a sighting record, this dialog is presented for your approval. (Frankly, if you are entering sightings real fast, with the elements "Fixed", and you are just clicking off birds, you go right by this dialog by "triple-clicking" the bird name, which simultaneously OK's this dialog. That's because wherever you go in AviSys, the program usually puts your mouse pointer where you need it to be. )

The record confirmation dialog shows everything about the record you just entered, including some things you didn’t realize. The record you entered has updated your Yard, City, County, State, Nation, Continent, ABA Area, USA or Canada, Lower 48 (maybe), North America (AOU), and Life lists. Wow! Eleven lists, just because you selected your yard from the Places Tables!

Oh,! I forgot! It also updated your “Judy,” “bird bath,” “immature,” and “photographed” lists, because you clicked in those Key Words and Attributes! That's Fifteen lists!

Note the buttons where you can edit the Comment, Place, or Date and attach a Field Note to the record.

By the way. If you had been entering a string of records with a "Fixed" Date and/or Place, and you change one of those elements here, you are offered the chance to change the "Fixes" to match the new one. This is where you can change an "outing" in mid-stream and start working on a new one. See Fixing for more details.

You noticed, I'm sure, that if you record a lifer, AviSys lets you know right here.

Also, if you record a sighting with the same species, date and place, in the same session, this dialog flashes a warning about a possible duplicate entry.

This dialog also has a lighted indicator if you have Record Streaming on, just so you know what's going on.