AviSys 6—Superior Birding Software

Jerry Blinn closed AviSys in August 2015 and passed away in November 2015 without leaving any provision for continuity of AviSys. Ownership of his website, avisys.net, expired and it is no longer in operation. I have preserved relevant pages from the website here, with some additional material, including the annual Clements taxonomic update for 2018.

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These are the additional materials that are provided here:

2018 taxonomy update
Last updated: 18 August 2018

2018 Nation Checklist Add-On
Last updated: 30 October 2018

AviSys help files


eBird export to AviSys tool

Updated eBirdLocs.avi
Last updated: December 2018

In case you would like to make your own taxonomic updates, I have preserved Jerry's EditMaster program here.

Download EditMaster

EditMaster Documentation

Here are some additional documents that may be of interest.

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